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Prayer Request
Created Date
Hadassah Alkapelli
Please pray for my 2nd year examination results of 3rd , 4th semester and good health
Garang Kuol
thank you all please pray for me to be restored pray for me to have a large heart for lost souls and pray for me to be wise and get a job.
Garang Kuol
I need to be prayed for so that I can be restored to the lord. I have lost the first love for the lord Jesus Christ. kindly pray.
Kanwalpreet kaur
Family salvation for my whole family ( parents and in laws )
Shirley rajesh
Civil court issue for division of property.really heart tearing .Facing difficult emotional traumas
Greetings in Jesus Christ! My name is Nomita. I am from Jalandhar, Punjab. I am 35 years old. I have been waiting for my marriage in God for a long time. Please pray for me with great burden that may God help me to find a suitable groom chosen by God as per God's will. May God use you and your family abundantly for himself and keep you all under his protection. Thank you for your prayers in advance.
Sindhura Konduri
I have the fear of somatic breathing ocd. I’m at times focusing on my breathing which is causing me anxiety and lot of trouble. Please pray to our lord Jesus that my mental health restores to normal and I don’t worry about anything
A prayer for someone that the Lord has put on my heart, that she and her family would let of the bondage of Sikhism and accept and follow Jesus into their lives as their lord and savior.
Magdalena Lovejoy
pray to heal Magdalena Lovejoy eyesight, grief, loss, loneliness, center of consciousness, nasal cavity and with millions of angels pray for a good nights sleep with a star of david healing and a flower of life healing and may i receive a healing cup from Jesus and I lift up Neil Young to have true love with Magdalena and David Bird and James Bradshaw and Antonio Pastore to health.
praveen k
dear brother requesting you to Pray for My family salvation and me over come all the weaknesses best regards, praveen.k
Sandepogu Pratap
Please pray for my spiritual life
Pray for my fever, last 3 days having high fever. Pray for my dog cookie health,pray for my wife health. Pray for my daughter education and her health. Pray for my financial issues going thru.
Shyam my tell about my future
K Ravi Kumar
dear bro.. i am waiting my law certificates, pls pray
Divya I
Prise the lord Hebron ministry. I really blessed through this website.. it's really helpful to growth in holy spirit. My prayer request is My family will get repentance and will become a God servents , kindly prayer for l us . And prayer for me will get a fruitful life in Christ. Thank you Praise the p Lord, Glory to God
Rambabu Daruvuri
praised the lord, My dear brothers, my daughter Dr. Lilly prepared forUSMLE EXam 26th of in this month, please pray for good score, please please pray for her. thanking you
My 2022 promises words me prayer.
Poveda Victorious K Marak
Bro, please pray for me, I have no peace of mind, I am always depressed with low inferiority complex and loss of interest in life as I am facing problems which are beyond solution, it seems there is no hope....
ramesh babu Y
please pray for me and my family my house construction lone stopped please pray Ramesh babu Y 9640531262
Anthony kwesie
Kindly pray for me for healing from a stroke l have suffered for five years now thank you
Kwesieanthony@yahoo. com
Anthony kwesie
Kindly pray for me for healing from a stroke l have suffered for five years now thank you
Kwesieanthony@yahoo. com
Anthony kwesie
Kindly pray for me for healing from a stroke l have suffered for five years now thank you
Kwesieanthony@yahoo. com
Anthony kwesie
Kindly pray for me for healing from a stroke l have suffered for five years now thank you
Kwesieanthony@yahoo. com
Swarna Sushma
Praise the lord, I am sushma i have completed my law course and I am seeking God's will regarding my job kindly pray for me,thank you.
Nicholas Johnson
I have two requests. 1. My cousin Jackson, who is just a child was bullied so bad at school. The bullies kept telling him he should kill himself. He was so traumatized that he went to a mental hospital and has been plagued by suicidal thoughts for years. I know the devil is plaguing him through this. Please pray that Jesus would set him free through the knowledge of Himself. That Jesus would destroy the works of the devil in his life. 2. For myself, for so many years lived a hypocritical self-righteous life. FOr most of my life I lived very ungodly until 2011 when I got in trouble with the law. I realized I was a bad person and then thought I needed a new leaf turned over in my life. I started going to church but was so blind. I learned all the right answers but my heart still went after my sins. How deceitful is sin that it keeps us blinded from God, in unbelief and pride. Well I became very aware of my true state and how all along I really didn't have faith in Jesus, didn't know Him and wasn't truly seeking Him but only my own self-exaltation through religion. I know He has been afflicting and discipling me for my good as a faithful Father would. I seeing more and more how unbelief fuels all sin and the necessity of simple child like faith in Jesus as our substitute and providing a rightouesness and justification before God the Father. Pray I would come to have full assurance of faith. I want to know that I know Jesus Himself not just doctrines. I want to want His Presence in my life. I came across brother Bakht Singh and His simple yet godly life of love to Jesus and his fellow man really impacted me. I want to know how to live and walk with Jesus like he did but also know God has a specific plan for me and each person He brings into His Kingdom. To know Jesus and have a living functioning body of Jesus Christ here in my city. That the gospel would come not in words only but in power, The Holy Spirit and much assurance." Thank you so much for your prayers. Hope to build a friendship and fellowship with you all! The Lord Jesus bless you. Sincerely, Nicholas Johnson
PRAISE THE LORD Brother.Please pray about my intermediate 2 year board exams.May 7th onwards.
Garang Kuol
i need prayer for my health i am seeing doctor monthly. please pray. thanks.
DavidPaul Messiakha Nazarine
Me and my wife Bella wanted to come over there to attend healing crevice. I'm high diabetic patients No job. My wife Bella have vertigo,in her back has lums, back Pain.
garang kuol
Praise the Lord. My name is Divya. I want to become a true children of God. I want to wish my husband will repent. God promised me until I want be patient , glory God name by me. Kindly remember your daily payer Thank so much hebron ministries.
Kalyan babu
My Lord Jesus thank you for making me for what I am till date. My Lord heal me, nurture me, protect me... Protect my family from all the debts... Please please relieve our family from all this stress and bad times.. Save us . We are in deep financial crisis.. Please my Lord.. Protect me.. Help me in my marriage... In Jesus name.. Amen
కుటుంబ రక్షణ కొరకు నేను బలముగా రక్షింపబడాలి దేవునిలో అని ప్రార్థన
Sagar bandari
Praise the Lord in Jesus name God helping to built house pray for construction and completion
Joshi Rachanour
Pray for Jasper Joshlyn (2yrs old baby girl) , born with hydrops and later diagnosed with hydrocephalus, God stopped increase of CSF in brain with a promise Josh.3:7...she has development delay kindly pray for her.
Bhamidipati Srinivas
I am suffering with anxiety and panic issues and a lot other. Kindly pray for me. Thank you.
Nicholas Johnson
Please pray for Haitham from Yemen. I have been talking to him over what’sapp. He is Muslim but i sense his heart is somewhat open and he doesn’t argue about Jesus but the veil of religious works is still over his heart. Pray that The Holy Spirit by His power takes that away and Jesus shines into his heart. So grateful I found this site. I would like to talk to someone about the church and what The Lord Jesus showed his servant brother Bath Singh and how it functions. We here in America for the most part are so spiritually dead, myself included… I say this with tears. We either have a Christian religion that centers on man/self or we substitute a broken heart and true knowledge, salvation and relationship with The Risen Lord Jesus with self-righteous ness and Bible knowledge alone. Much head while heart is dead. Pray for me and my people. Oh Jesus melt our hard dead heart with Your Spirit, love and power.
God to help me to get my mother settlement money nd also a copy of her PPO tmrw itself. Anithra to get her BC in English soon. Tmrw both services to b Blsd
David Benjamin
Praise the Lord, Kindly pray for my spiritual life that I may draw again near to GOD and live for the Glory of His name as I am currently back sliding. Also he may provide a job in His time. Thank you.
Malleswara Reddy
Dear pastor pray for my spiritual life and would like to commit my life to serve for my heavenly father as well am doing stock market business .... few months back got huge loss in market ....plz pray for to recover all my loses un Jesus precious name i pray Amen.
Manju Manhor
Please pray for me healing my right feet ankle fracture and spiritual growth my son good health @ family blessings financial breakthrough please pray me thank you Jesus
Krishna ppa
1. Prayer me job. 2.Home loan emi cleared prayer me
Shashikala Mohanty
kindly Pray for me (58) and my husband Ravi Mohanty (68) Elder son : Ashish Mohanty (36) and wife Rosey younger son : Abhishek Mohanty (32) For our spiritual life and regain (we are from Odisha) belong to same assembly background
R Hepsiba
My mother R Padmavathi is suffering with breast cancer with stage 4.please pray for her.
Gorekar Anand Paul
For my health
prashanth thelaputta
Praise the lord 🙏 My father is a pastor positively tested for covid 19 kindly pray for my father Healing completely my Humble request to pray for my father wellness
I have committed adultery, and i am not able to control my lust tboughts, acts and i have been suffering sickness from past month, and i also i am thinking of going for some std tests, Please pray for me, i want to get baptisted and leave for jesus, i wanted to get healed because i love my parents i need to take care of my family
Ruth Manorama
Praise the Lord. Let the god be glorified Please pray for my Husband 45 years old to cure from Liver Disease . His name is Sashi Kiran . Thanks a lot
Ramya pakarla
Please pray for my promotion
Bracy Nongrum
Greetings in the highly exalted name of our savior Jesus Christ. Firstly am very delighted to have found this website which is such a blessing for any internet surfer like me. Also to have found at a time of real distress, I am a spiritually low individual who never really seek for the Lord's intervention but ever since the pandemic happened, my self-introspection led me to numerous questions of my existence- am filled with enormous guilt. please uphold me in you're prayer that I may attain Salvation and live an ideal Christian life.
Praise the Lord
Please Pray for Br Luke Babu as he is with Covid. Thank you.
Please pray for my niece Shakina, as she is +ve with covid and protect the entire family from covid.
Rabi Paswan
Honorable sir, We purchased ready made home (year of 2016) by land broker @1500000/- next I invested more than 500000/- then after 3 month we get a notice from court. Some one clame he is owner of that property, but I have all documents please pray for my family & home case. Thank you. Rabi Paswan.
K Wangshul
Thanking for all the wonderful blessings and also good health and wisdom for my family.
I need my son pinto in the name of jesus I request his return very soon brother please pray for him
Please pray for my brother in law Health recovery. Suffering from cough & fever for last three months. LORD may give wisdom to the doctors to diagnosis and treatment.
Harpreet kaur
Please pray for my family salvation.
Bro. Sarov dasgupta are very very sick He admitted in Hospital please pray for him
Looking for job that brings honor to me and my family
A Raju George
Effected with covod-19. Now I m ok by the grace of Lord. Some weakness n cough there. Please pray for fully recovered
Samuel Issac Prince
PRAISE THE LORD 🙏🏻 My name is Samuel Issac Prince I am Studying 10th class in Kendriya Vidyalaya No 1 Tirupati School Tirupati ,I am having pre board exams from 3 April , and board exams from 6th May , please remember me in your Prayers 🙏🏻 Thank You 😊🙏🏻
Please God, bring happiness and love in my family. Keep my dear safe and healthy. Give us strength and make convert who don't trust in You. AMEN
Pray for God's direction to get a job.
Bro. Aditya
Tomorrow I have an interview, please pray for me
Sister Jay
I need a Job. Please pray for me!
Brother in Christ
Please pray for the protection of the site
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