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I Have Overcome the World

Scripture Reading: John 16: 1-33

In John's Gospel chapters 14-16 we have the last message of the Lord Jesus
Christ to His disciples, before His crucifixion. This is a very important message. We
find much inspiration and instruction by hearing and reading these words over and
over again. Please read these chapters on your knees when you are discouraged or
defeated. Again, if you want to know the secret of a triumphant life. read the same
chapters. These three chapters can be summed up in three small fragments. In
chapter 14, our Lord spoke of "My peace", in chapter 15 He spoke of "My joy", and in
chapter 16, He spoke of "My victory". We have already considered the first two
points in our previous issues.

Now we see from the last part of verse 33 of John 16 that our Lord wants us
to enjoy His victory. All of us can enjoy that victory. By that victory, we can
overcome our trials, tribulations, hardships and sufferings. In the same way, we can
be saved from all our dangers, and eventually become immortal. We can overcome
every limitation and every bondage of any kind. It is a unique victory. Our Lord
wants us to have that victory in our lives daily. Now let us see the testimony of one
who had enjoyed that victory. "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall
tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
...Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us"
(Rom. 8:35- 37). There are seven obstacles which Paul overcame: 1) tribulation, 2)
distress, 3) persecution, 4) famine, 5) nakedness, 6) peril, and 7) sword. Paul said,
"We are killed all the day long". That means, he had to face every imaginable
suffering, distress and temptation. All these we can overcome, and become more
than conquerors. What a 'wonderful victory! Don't think that these words are meant
only for a few men like Paul the Apostle who wrote this. That is for you and for me
also. This victory is for all of us, and we must be able to enjoy that victory every

When our Lord first told the disciples how He would be crucified and rise
again, they were very sad, puzzled and perplexed, so much so, Simon Peter rebuked
the Lord at that time.

Even though Peter loved the Lord so much, at that time he began to rebuke
Him. That goes to show how their minds were puzzled and confused on hearing
these words. They thought, "Why should our Lord, Who has so much power suffer
like that and die?" They had seen His power at the grave of Lazarus, when He said,
"Lazarus, come forth!" They had no doubt about His power and authority. But when
the Lord began to repeat these words they felt very sad and dejected. That is why
He said, "... In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have
overcome the world" (John 16:33). That is the message for all of us. It does not
matter where you are born, where you live, or what occupation or education you
have. You have to go through the same sufferings, trials, and hardship, somewhere
some time. You will not be able to conquer them by your own strength. Even though
normally you are full of gratitude, very kind, very sincere, very good and so on,
when sorrow and death come, you will be distressed and depressed. Even the
strongest man trembles when sufferings come.

There was a man in France called Voltaire, a very great scholar. He wrote
many books and he was also a very good speaker, but he was an atheist. He used to
make fun of those who believed in God. A day came when he fell sick and became
serious. No doctor could diagnose his disease. Every night he would cry out in fear
and terror. His face used to be so fearful and horrible, that no nurse would nurse him
for more than one night. At that time, all his knowledge proved to be of no use. His
whole being was trembling with terror for many, many weeks. If you do not know
the Lord Jesus Christ by experience, that will be your condition also, when the same
sufferings come into your life some day. Your fear will drive you out of control, and
you will find many, many storms raging in your heart, home and neighbourhood and
that is why this message is for you and for everyone else.

The Lord Jesus Christ has conquered death, the world, sin and Satan for you
and for me, to make us more than conquerors. Not only will you come out victorious
over temptations but you will become stronger, richer and better through the very
same trials.

The Lord Jesus Christ has conquered death, the world, sin and Satan for you
and for me, to make us more than conquerors. Have you received that power in your
life"? Do you have that experience? Does that power work in you every day? That
power is for you and for me. By that power our Lord is drawing people to Himself.
See John 12:32, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me".
Here the Lord speaks of His death and His victory over death. Again in John 12:24
He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground
and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit". Now this is a
simple and a wonderful truth. It does not require any education or Bible knowledge
to understand it. All of us have seen a grain of wheat dying and bringing forth much
wheat. One grain of wheat can produce about 5000 grains with good soil and water.
And again if you sow the same grains next year and go on doing the same for five
years, you will have a whole goods train, full of grain. By one grain so much is
produced. The Lord Jesus Christ is that grain of wheat.

The Lord Jesus Christ died as a grain of wheat to bring many sons into His
heavenly glory, and He will fill the whole heaven with those sons. That power was
released when He died, was buried, and rose again. This is a simple truth. If a grain
of wheat has so much power to produce hundreds of grains, how much more the
Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ!

When He was upon this earth, no man could touch Him. When his enemies
came to Him in the garden of Gethsemane, as we see in John 18:4-6, our Lord
asked, "Whom seek ye?" They replied, "Jesus of Nazareth". And He said, "I am he".
As soon as they heard those words they went backward and fell down. They were
afraid to touch Him. Yet He gave Himself for us that we might be more than
conquerors. He did not die as a martyr. He gave Himself to bring us to the highest
power in the whole universe. And that power is being offered to you also. Has that
power come into you? Does it work in you? Are you being raised up higher and
higher with the same power every day? Do you find yourself victorious in suffering,
persecutions, trials, poverty and what not? Many Christians are weeping Christians.
They have no right to be called Christians. God's Word says so. "...if any man have
not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his" (Rom.8:9). Again He said, "Whosoever
believeth on me hath everlasting life". That proves what kind of life you have. That is
why God promises all these seven things -tribulations, temptations, trials, famines,
sword, suffering and persecution -to show us His power; while others start crying
and weeping, we can be more than conquerors.

Now see how the same power worked in the Lord Jesus Christ as He moved
from place to place. You find an illustration in John 4:4. "And he must needs go
through Samaria". The Samaritans were extremely hated and despised by the Jews,
so much so the Jews would not even drink water from the hands of a Samaritan, as
we read in verse 9, ".the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans". That is our
condition as sinners. We are a people despised and rejected because of our sinful
nature and sins. According to Isaiah, we are called "filthy rags". Now for a purpose,
our Lord was determined to go through Samaria. Evidently, the disciples were not
happy to go that way. They knew that they would not be able to get food or water
there, But the verse says, "He must needs go through Samaria". He had decided to
go that way, because His eyes could see far off a woman in need. His eyes can see
everything. When Philip met the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time, he went in
search of Nathaniel and after much search he found him and said, "Nathaniel, we
have found the Messiah". So he brought him to Christ and straightway the Lord said,
"...Before that Philip called thee, when thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee". His
eye can see everything. He is our Creator. He has all power. His eyes saw that
woman telling her family, "I'll go at midday to draw water". If she went there in the
morning or evening many would see her. To avoid their look she went at midday.
Our Lord knew her plan before she planned it and that is why He said, "I must needs
go through Samaria".

Just at the right time, our Lord came to Jacob's well. His timings and His ways
are so perfect! His movements and His times were controlled by Heaven itself. He
came to the side of the well and being weary He sat there...The disciples went to buy
some food in the town. He became tired, weary and hungry to show that He knows
our weariness, tiredness and hunger. He was showing how anew power can come
into us, and make us victorious. See, from hunger, tiredness and weariness, the Lord
Jesus Christ and His disciples became a means of blessing to the woman at the well.
When the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ went out to buy food, the
Samaritan woman came to the well and our Lord began to speak to her. He spoke to
her of wonderful truths in a very short time, truths which cannot be easily
understood even by the most learned scholars. In John 4:14 He said, "But
whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the
water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into
everlasting life". Then in John 4:24 He said, "God is a Spirit: and they that worship
him must worship him in spirit and in truth". These two verses contain the most
wonderful truths about salvation, and our Lord was revealing the same truths to this
woman. In John 3 our Lord spoke to Nicodemus, who was a great man in the whole
Jewish nation. He was a member of the Sanhedrin, which had 70 members. To him
the Lord spoke as unto a child. He spoke to him about new birth. But to this woman
the Lord revealed great truths. Then slowly and very lovingly He began to uncover
her sin. Even though He knew all about her life, He never told her anything in the
beginning. He spoke to her how to worship God in Spirit and in truth (v.24) and He
also told her, that He is the Messiah (v.26). Then He told her about her condition.
The way He spoke to her with love and kindness, straightway she was delivered from
her sinful life and straightway she left her pot and went away (vs.27,28). She did not
forget her water pot; she left it purposely.

In the whole of Sychar, people knew that she had six husbands. She was
known as the woman with six husbands. That is why she came at midday to draw
water. She had to come again and again to draw water for the man with whom she
was living in sin. When you live in sin, you have to do many shameful things to hide
and cover your sin- You have to do many deceitful things, and use many devices.
That woman was tired of her sinful life. She was tired of drawing water and carrying
it for that wicked man. That pot was a symbol of her slavery .She left her water pot
not because she forgot it, but because she was so happy that she left it behind. "The
woman then left her water pot, and went her way into the city" (John 4:28). She left
the pot for a purpose as though she was saying, "Pot, you stay here itself; from
today I don't want your service or be in slavery .I am not going to carry you any
longer. You remain there". She left it as a sign of true repentance. Now that power
to overcome sin had come into her. Our Lord never told her, "Leave that man, I
know who you are. I know everything. Do not live with him any longer". He -only
spoke to her about worship, and the message began to work in her and brought
conviction of sin and change. She brought the whole of Sychar to the feet of the Lord
Jesus Christ. Now she could say joyfully, "Come, see a man, which told me all things
that ever I did: is not this the Christ?" (John 4:29). That will happen to you also. The
Lord will remove every water pot of sin from your life. He will make you free from
your sinful life.

The Lord Jesus Christ will make you free from your sinful life. When, you let
Him pour the living water into you, that living water will make you free automatically
from shameful and defiling habits. No one can deliver you. Only the Lord Jesus can
do it by pouring that new life into you. New life brings true worship. That is why in
John 4:14, our Lord spoke about the living water, and in verse 24, He spoke to her
as to how she should worship in 1 spirit and in truth. The secret of knowing how to
worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, will automatically change you, transform you,
and deliver you.

God is a Spirit, and in our spirit, and by our spirit, we can touch Him, feet
Him, speak to Him, and be governed by Him, and by that we can get divine life day
by day. Then automatically, yap will find that same life coming out like a bubbling
river. In a short time our Lord delivered that woman from her sinful life, and taught
her how to worship God in spirit and in truth. God is a Spirit and His Spirit can come
into our spirit. Every human being is composed of three things: spirit, soul and body.
There are three parts in the human body; bones, muscles and blood make the body.
Affection, emotion and will- power make the soul. Similarly, we find three things in
the spirit; conscience to hear the voice of God and to discern between good and evil,
a longing to know God and also intuition. Because of sin we have a dead spirit, a
darkened soul, and a defiled body. That is why God's power must come into us. God
is a Spirit, and He can only come into our spirit, not into our bones or brain. If you
want Him to live in you, you must have a clean and purified spirit.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the King of kings. He cannot live in our filthy hearts.
We are so defiled that unless the Lord Jesus Christ undertakes to cleanse us with His
blood, we cannot become clean. He cannot do it by compulsion. We have to say,
"Lord, wash me and come into me. Forgive me of all my sins, and transform me and
make me such a well", and then He comes in. Then you will find a threefold change
coming into you. Your dead spirit becomes a quickened spirit, the darkened soul
becomes an enlightened soul, and the defiled body becomes a cleansed body. Then
the light of God will shine upon your face.

The power of God will work in and through you day by day, and wherever you
go, the same power will be at your disposal to give you victory: victory over your
temptations, victory over every tribulation, victory in family, nakedness, sword and
persecution, and in the same way, victory over habits of sin. There are some who
are slaves to cigarette and tobacco. They do not smoke openly but secretly. One can
see it from their faces mouths and lips. They are defiled people, miserable people,
rotten people, ruined people, bound like slaves. Come now to the Lord Jesus for
complete deliverance, and that will be your victory. "These things I have spoken unto
you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be
of good cheer; I have overcome the world" (John 16:33)."

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